5 Ways to Celebrate Saint Teresa of Calcutta with Children

Inspiration, Indian food, and an invitation to serve.

September fifth can bring all three of these things to you and your children if you pause to remember St. Teresa of Calcutta on her feast day.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta is perhaps one of the most well-known modern saints, and her feast day is a delight to celebrate with children.


photo credit: traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com

Indian Food

Mother Teresa accompanied by children at her mission in Calcutta, India 05/12/1980 (Getty)

An Invitation to Serve

  • With younger children – or anyone, really, watch Lukas Storyteller – St. Mother Teresa and the Love to Others. Key into the idea that, “If we want peace in the world, we must start at home,” and have each person share an idea for creating more peace at home. Then, act on it. Also highlight howSt. Teresa of Calcutta called us to treat others as if they are Jesus, pause to pray that we might borrow Jesus’ heart to be light and love for others, then share ideas for how we might do this and head out to make those ideas reality.

Surely, as your children and you remember St. Teresa of Calcutta – her willingness to follow God’s call to her, her humility, her being able to serve the poorest of the poor with such great love even as she faced her on interior struggles – you will be inspired to live your vocation with purpose and make living the Works of Mercy a conscious choice in days ahead.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.

Author: Martianne Stanger